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Secondaire 1er cycle

Activities 2012/1013

Spelling Contest

Graduation – 2012-2013


Towards Peace
Dear parents!

This year, 2012/2013, the students of the school and all staff will fly to a destination of peace with the program

Towards the peaceful!

Our slogan is:

Halt to conflicts!

How? Well, students of all levels will receive tools with advice for the peaceful resolution of conflicts in animated classes of nine workshops. Throughout the school year, we will keep you informed of the contents of these workshops.

At the end of each workshop, we will send you a reminder sheet so that you can follow and reinvest the content in your daily activities.

In those reminders, you will find little games and resources that can be useful at home. We invite you to put them into practice.

La culture Culture, a whole school!
February is the month of culture at Al Houda school. To give life to this event, students of Ms. Amel Hadjoudj of the 1st grade, have made a very interesting project under the theme:
Come, discover the country of my origin

Concours National de la lecture
National reading competition

Learn reading … it’s a kids game!

AL HOUDA school, one of hundreds of schools across Quebec, involved her students in the NATIONAL READING COMPETITION. This contest took place at the end of February, and was open to students in the 1st and 2nd grades.

Haidar Almousawi of the 1st grade won first place, while Aziz Bousarsar of the 2nd grade won second place. Congratulations to all the students who participated in this contest and a great BRAVO to Ms. NORA DJAIANI, the teacher who oversaw.

Puppet Show


Puppet show performed by secondary level students (02/2013)


As part of it’s extracurricular activities, Al-Houda school is pleased to announce the creation of Karate do- Shotokan session.

The course will be ensured by Sensei M.REHRAH who holds a rank of black belt 2nd Dan Karate and practice since 1989 first in his country of origin (Algeria) where he was founder and chief instructor of the Shotokan Karate section at the university of Bejaia, Algeria, and they student Katsumata Sensei 7th Dan in Montreal in 2005. Currently, he is assistant of Sensei Nicholas Neri at Monkland Karate center.

Sensei M.REHRAH propose a according to the original tradition of karate, but which considerates all positive aspects of the modern practice of this art.

We believe that well-managed practice martial arts will contribute positively in the psychological, physical and social development of the student.

MONDAY : 16:00 to 17:30
WEDNESDAY : 16:00 to 17:30

Homework Help

– Promote the success of children,
– Provide conditions conducive to the achievement of school work,
– Enable children with learning difficulties to benefit from coaching can help them,
– Make children more independent and responsible towards their school work

The responsibility of the tutor is:
– Ensure that the student complete their homework
– Encourage students to make the effort necessary for the accomplishment of the task
– Help the student, in their work and not give answers
– The tutor is not responsible if the student refuses or fails to complete the assignments

L’intervenant n’est pas responsable si l’élève refuse ou n’arrive pas à terminer ses devoirs.

LOCATION: The program takes place in the school cafeteria

FREQUENCY: Three days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday after school hours from 3:45 PM to 5:00 PM

Registration is for a week and not per day

PRICE: $ 15 per for a week, payment must be made in advance, before the student begins the activity homework


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