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Admission & Registration

How old must a child be to start kindergarten in Al-Houda school?
Kindergarten is available for children who have reached the age of 5 on 30 September of the year of registration . However, the child must pass a local assessment by the educational director and kindergarten teacher.

My child has to pass an exam to enroll in elementary or high school?
Candidates are evaluated on the basis of three criteria:
– The report card : helps to assess the academic progress of the student and his behavior
– The entrance exam: ( students admitted in the first cycle are exempt from this review ) a score of 60% is required in both major subjects.
– The interview with the candidate in the presence of his parents is used to assess motivations and needs.

Documents required during registration:
When registering your child , you must provide us with the following documents:
– Birth certificate if the child was born in Canada .
– Immigration papers or citizenship card of the child and the parents, if the child is born outside of Canada.
– Health insurance card of the child.
– Form of application completed and signed.
– School report (if the student comes from another school)

During registration , you must pay :
– Cost of admission and enrollment
– Costs of care during dinner
– Signed and post-dated checks totaling the annual tuition .

The annual tuition fees are calculated according to the table: ANNUAL COSTS AND EXPENSES.

Educational and recreational outings (4-5 per year) are the responsibility of the parents; we calculate an average of $ 20 per trip.

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