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Educational Life

Educational organization

We can summarize the elements that describe the outline of our educational organization by:

• Stable model groups within the same cycle :
Students are divided into stable groups (classes) by age within the same cycle from kindergarten to 2nd high school grade. This organizational model makes possible the application of other elements of our educational organization such as the distribution of materials, homeroom, individualized support … We believe that the marks arise in a better defined framework for the conduct of sequences equally attractive than rigorous.

• Programs:
In addition to the educational system prescribed by the MEES, Al-Houda school provides teaching of Arabic and Koran as a local programs. The distribution of all subjects is established by a 5-day cycle (see table of subjects)

• Individualized support for students:
At the end of the first stage and after the delivery of results, the teacher provides a list of students who are experiencing difficulties. In consultation with the Director of Studies, it specifies the type of support to provide each student enrolled in the list. The student concerned is required to attend recovery periods and individualized support that is provided by the classroom teacher during the lunch hour and sometimes after school hours.

• The collaboration among teachers of the same cycle:
In order to ensure continuity of learning and better monitoring of the development of student skills , teachers of the same cycle are often asked to consult on the implementation of the program. This consultation allows us to offer the student the support he may need to move to the second level of the same cycle. Exchange and sharing of experiences also help manage difficult situations between student and teacher that may arise during the year.

• Strengthen the ability to read and write:
Instructional leadership of Al-Houda school places a high priority on the quality of learning of the French language from kindergarten whose preventive role in the detection of learning difficulties is important. The language proficiency is a major issue because it lies at the heart of communication and is a learning vehicle in the service of all disciplines.

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