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Secondaire 1er cycle




What should I expect from the type of education?
Al-Houda school as all other Quebec schools governed by the law on private education, provides the program of the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport. Adding to that, the teaching of the Arabic language and Islam.

Al-Houda school emphasizes in its teaching three aspects:
– Mastering the French language.
– The individual support to students experiencing difficulties.
– Ensure a safe environment for its students.
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Do teachers of AL-Houda have the required qualifications?
We rely on an experienced professional team, all classroom teachers and specialists have a teaching license issued by the competent authorities MEES. This team is supported by a highly qualified education director, Mr.Youssef Boukert.

In what year do you start teaching English?
We apply an educational system prescribed by the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport. So the teaching of English as a second language, starts from the first grade. However, our school has chosen to offer two hours a week of teaching English to primary instead of a single period.

How is the teaching of the Arabic language and the Muslim religion?
The teaching of the Arabic language and Islam is built into the weekly schedule of the student, at 3 to 4 hours per week. Students are divided into two groups (beginners and advanced) . The Arabic textbooks are sold at the school at the beginning of the school year.

At what time the school day begins and does it end?
Reception of students begins at 7:30 am, classes start at 8:00. The end of lessons is at 15:30.


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